Minerva Circle 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Chapter President *

  • Minerva Circle Leader

  •  Financial Secretary *

  • Keeper of Muses and Graces

  • Leader of Odyssey Experience

  • Jewels

  • Minerva Circle Assistants

  • Technology Chair *

* Member of the Minerva Circle by virtue of position

Absolutely no campaigning for positions!!!

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Duties & Responsibilities

Leader of the Minerva Circle

Chapter Financial Secretary

The Keeper of the Muses and the Graces

The Convener of the Odyssey Experience

The Nine Jewels

The Minerva Circle Assistants

The Technology Chair

The Leader of the Minerva Circle may be the vice president or a separately elected position according to the Chapter Rules of Order and Policies and Procedures. As chairperson, she is the coordinator of all the activities of the Delta Membership Intake Program.

The chapter financial secretary is a member of the Minerva circle. She collects and turns over the designated funds to the chapter treasurer for deposit and transmission to National Headquarters at the appropriate time. She may, of course, be asked to be responsible for any element or component on any Jewel Day.

It is the job of the Keeper of the Muses and the Graces to bring an artistic spirit to all of the intake and initiation activities. Passing along the songs and steps to each Delta generation is an important goal of the intake program.  Introducing an artistic spirit into all of the Sorority ceremonies, rituals and activities is a vital part of the Delta heritage.

The Convener of the Odyssey Experience has the responsibility of “preparing a place” for the coming together of the sorors and the Pyramids. The Pyramids have completed an intense period of study. The sorors have used the Pyramid Preparation Period as a time to get ready for the Odyssey Experience and Jewel Days and they, too, look forward to getting to know the Pyramids. They begin to experience how it will feel to have these new members in the chapter. The food, the ambiance and well-rehearsed activities create an experience which is truly memorable. Therefore, the Convener of the Odyssey Experience will need to begin her planning early in order to guarantee success.

Nine (9) sorors are elected to carry out the nine Jewel Days. These jewels represent the Nine Cardinal Virtues of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Each individual jewel has responsibility for organizing and implementing all of the activities described in the guidelines for the particular Jewel Day. She is also responsible for one of the nine Pyramid Preparation Days. Each jewel should recruit sorors to assist her on the designated Jewel Day. It is the responsibility of each jewel to involve chapter members who have been trained and are not on the Minerva Circle. For example, Compassion may have sorors working on her jewel committee. They assist her in the assigned Pyramid Preparation Day and the Jewel Day and may be given one of the components to direct on that day. Sorors may take responsibility for one of the components. It is the jewel soror who assures the chapter of a well-executed Jewel Day that ends on time! Although all of the activities for each Jewel Day are detailed in this volume there is a need to study the material, plan and execute activities, and gather the properties, in order to become comfortable in implementing the activities.

Sorors carry out duties as requested by the Leader of the Minerva Circle or Chapter President. Each assistant serves as an elected member of the Minerva Circle without Jewel night responsibilities. She participates in the screening of membership applications and preparing for chapter vote. The assistant participates in conducting interviews and may assist Jewels in PPP/Jewel night planning and execution. She may also lead or assist in the planning coordinating, and
implementation of the Sisterhood Luncheon/Reception, and other MI activities.

The Technology Chair has the responsibility of working with the Chapter President, Leader of the Minerva Circle, Keeper of Muses and Graces and Convener of the Odyssey Experience to plan and execute all technology needs for chapter Membership Intake activities., and implementation of the Sisterhood Luncheon/Reception, and other MI activities.

Overall Duties and Responsibilities of the Minerva Circle

  • Plan and administer the entire Membership Intake Process. 

  • Prepare the Membership Intake Calendar and present it to the chapter for a vote. 

  • Communicate to all sorors the calendar of activities.

  • Plan the RUSH. 

  • Plan the Pyramid Preparation Period. 

  • Report to the appropriate soror(s) (Chapter President or Regional Director) those who violate any part of the Membership Intake Program.

  • Meet as often as needed in order to become
    familiar with and prepare for all aspects of the membership intake program.

  • Meet regularly during the
    membership intake process in order to process feedback from chapter members, to respond to
    concerns and to facilitate the smooth operation of the remaining activities.

  • Be available to the Pyramids upon request as approved by the Leader of the Minerva Circle and the chapter president. 

  • Plan, execute and monitor all activities to ensure that the appropriate activities are carried out each day.

  • Review and approve the activities of each Jewel Day as planned by the appropriate committee.

  • Plan for the Pyramid Induction and Initiation Ceremonies and other ceremonies (i.e., appropriate place, properties) and ensures completion of forms required by National Headquarters.

  • Be present at all Minerva Circle Meetings and Jewel Days.