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OUR Programs

National Programs


Our chapter actively promotes and has programs on the chapter level that mirror our national level Five Point Programmatic Thrust programs. 


Our Signature Chapter Programs

Our signature programs consist of the annual Senior Citizen's Luncheon, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Oratorical Program, the Red Carpet Showcase, and much more!

WAYS YOU CAN get involved!



Our Social Action programs educate and stimulate participation in the establishment of positive public policy and highlight issues and provide solutions for problems in our communities. 

Physical & Mental Health

The DeltaCare initiative is an internal wellness initiative under the programmatic thrust of Physical and Mental Health. It was created to promote self-care through physical wellness, emotional wellness, and awareness/advocacy. Specifically, the Red S.H.O.E. challenge is the physical health component of DeltaCare that encourages members to engage in healthy behaviors. S.H.O.E. is an acronym for Self-care, Healthy Options, and Exercise.

Emergency Response

Check out our response to    COVID-19 in

Operation Delta!

Chaplain's Corner

Serve as an outreach ministry by providing sorors spiritual encouragement and support during good and difficult times to include sickness, hospitalization, bereavement, and other life-changing events. 

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